Current Bottleneck: Audience and Reach

With the first order of socks for nearby, I’ve been reflecting, what’s the next challenge. And there is one bottleneck that and this blog share: Both do not reach a big audience (yet).

The success of and the amount of people who visit the website are directly linked: Lots of people visiting the website means lots of people could benefit from the products. The same holds for this blog: More people reading it means a better chance of inspiring someone to do a similar thing.

So, how can you increase your audience without paying lots of money for marketing and ads?

Social Media Channels

My first approach is social media. Both projects are already present on ok and twitter, but those channels haven’t been fed actively and until now, I did little to grow the audience.

This blog is now part of ResearchGate: I added it as a project. So, now you can follow this blog on ResearchGate, too.

The Strategy

Social media is a network – so, other guys which are featured in the posts can be linked. Maybe these guys share the post and their audience sees the post, too.

Another way is to follow other similar sites. Their audience grows, they’re happy and maybe they follow you back.

You could also share news actively with a selected audience. For example, I’m going to ask fellow Ph.D. students, if they’re part of facebook groups that I could join to share new posts.

Did it work?

If you’re reading this blog post after you clicked a link to this blog, there probably has been a success. A final evaluation of those strategies needs some time to implement them of course. If you want to help with the evaluation, you can leave a comment including a description how you ended up here – this would be awesome 🙂

5 thoughts on “Current Bottleneck: Audience and Reach”

  1. I ended up here because you told me about your project.
    Keep up the great work – It’s very inspiring and I’m looking forward to read your next post ;-).

  2. I got here because I saw this link on your facebook page. It takes an incredible amount of discipline and dedication to do what you’re doing – very impressive. Keep going!

    1. Dear Alex,
      thank you for your motivating feedback – I’ll do my very best to keep going.
      Are there any topics you would like to read about in this blog?

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