What’s the plan?

Hi and welcome to this blog!

you probably ended up here, because you’re a junior researcher and you want to check out some ways to cope with the risks and uncertainties of a career in research. I like doing research very much, as well. But  at the same time I’m not liking the odds of succeeding in the race for a tenure-track position. Therefore I’m testing different things to prepare myself for possible setbacks. And because you can adopt those preparation strategies, too, I’m sharing my experiences in this blog.

The articles will focus on different ways to generate additional income which work even if you are spending most of your time with your passion (research). Right now three different tracks of articles are planned:

The first track will document the process of starting an online shop  I’m currently starting (sockenpaket.de) on the go.

The second one focuses on different classes of investments which generate revenues.

In the third track, I’m going to post reviews of books, that helped me on my way.

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