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There have been lots of posts on ways to find alternative ways to financially support your research career, but now it’s time for a small text which is research related: It will feature Sci-hub. Some of you already heard of  it – for the ones who have not, here is a short description:

Sci-hub is a platform dedicates itself to the free access to knowledge. The problem is, that some institutions (esp. publishers) consider the methods of this website illegal. I think, that’s why the operators did not locate it within US American jurisdiction, but somewhere in Eastern Europe or Russia. You can also access SciHub with the Tor browser.

I think the idea of Sci-hub is very noble and it serves human progress. As a researcher at a large University in Germany, I have the privilege of having access to nearly all publications, because my university pays for this access.

And still Sci-Hub offers a benefit. It’s a single platform, where the DOI is sufficient to find and download a publication. This is why at least one Ph.D. student at my group uses Sci-hub regularly – it’s convenient. Another fellow Ph.D. student doesn’t want to use Sci-hub after all, because the website violates laws.

Now you know both sides of this dispute and it’s up to you to avoid or use Sci-hub…