Kopf schlägt Kapital (German) – a PhD student’s review

book "Kopf schlägt Kapital"
The book „Kopf schlägt Kapital“ by Günter Faltin. It describes how rethinking a business concept can lead to a successful, innovative business.

This post on books worth reading features Günter Faltin’s Kopf schlägt Kapital, which means Mind beats Capital in English.

What is the book Kopf schlägt Kapital about?

The book’s title summarizes the key statement: One possibility to start a business is collecting lots of capital to invest. A preferable alternative is starting with an idea and reducing it to its key features. Which (costly) parts can be omitted and which parts are necessary? Can you change something about the unique value proposition, your business offers?

One example business, Teekampagne (translation: tea campaign) is used throughout the book. It sells tea in large bags instead of tea bags. They started with only one kind of tea, omitted vendors. This lowered the price and they can offer the highest qualities of tea. For their kickoff, they collected orders until the order was big enough to buy directly from the producer. This “campaign” motivated the name and also served as a proof-of-concept.

Other examples for innovative business concepts are part of this book and describe how to systematically improve your business concept.

So, why is this book worth reading?

The examples in this book encourage to start a business – is shows, that there are lots of possibilities to start a business even if you don’t have lots of capital. It’s easier than you would expect to reach order quantities, which make you eligible for bulk discounts.


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