Where to start looking for your backup funding

You are probably wondering, how the hell you could possibly fit an extra source of income into your schedule – research is already very time demanding.

What do you do for fun and recreation?

If you want that other people give you money for something you do, then you have to be good at it. And the most promising way to become good at something is practicing. Practicing a lot!

This takes either lots of discipline and willpower or you’re enjoying the process of practicing.

The things you’re already doing for fun are things you probably already practiced a lot – therefore you’re probably good at them.

An example is my own project sockenpaket.de: Due to my sewing experience, I got a basic understanding of textiles which I’m currently turning into an online business.

What Do You do in your field of expertise?

You are spending most of your time with your studies, your current job or your research. And you spend this time practicing some skills. Your expertise in your research subject is obvious 😉

But there is more:

Once a professor enthusiastically told about a relative of his. The relative was able to write understandable abstracts for engineering publications without even understanding the contents of those publications – she was a historian and had acquired the meta skill of understanding complex texts and summarizing those.

This is not the only example for a meta skill: social scientist learn to work with uncertain data, engineers learn programming, mathematicians learn abstract thinking, …

You can extend this list easily. Ask yourself:  What are you doing most of the time during your studies/research?

And now…

…think about it. Let your mind work on this and make a list of the skills you already have. This will be the foundation of your next steps!





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