Previously on (Part 1)

The Idea

The idea for running an online shop came while listening to the Amazon FBA Episode of Michael’s Sidepreneur podcast (german). With my history of sewing and tailoring, selling textile products was one the first idea. I ended up with socks, because is it something I buy without trying it on.

Looking for suppliers and contacting some of them gave same validation: You can work with the prices when you’re ordering higher quantities without intermediate distributors 😉

Coping with Bureaucracy

In Germany, you are required to register your business at your municipality (“Gewerbeanmeldung”). With a valid ID, this isn’t a big deal. The person at the office, who handled this registration was very nice!

If you’re planning to run the business while being employed somewhere else, the chances are high, that you are obligated to at least notify your employer. Sometimes your employer even has to approve your sidebusiness, this depends on your employment contract. I was a little bit afraid of asking my supervisor to sign the approval form and postponed this repeatedly. But when I finally asked, this wasn’t a big deal at all.

If you are out there, hesitating to ask for such a permission – it’s easier than you expect: Simply do it!

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