Think and Grow Rich – a PhD student’s review

In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill summarizes the traits shared by rich people.

The author worked on this book with an assignment by steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. The latter one wanted to find the secret of getting rich and assigned Napoleon Hill to find out. Hill spent 20 years interviewing the most wealthy people of his time to find out what they have in common. This book was the result.

book "Think and Grow Rich" lying on wooden desk
My quite old German version of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

What is “Think and Grow Rich” about?

With the book’s development in mind, you might expect a book with lots of interviews put loosely together. Quite the contrary is the case. The author structures his insights well and he uses examples only now and then to add some color. Meanwhile, he proposes thirteen steps as wealth’s foundation:

1. Craving

You should nurture your wish to become rich until you start craving riches and wealth. Then you will automatically prioritize this goal and it will keep you going.

2. Belief

You have to build your belief that you can make it.

3. Autosuggestion

To avoid a conflict between your conscious mind and your conscience, use autosuggestion to align them.

4. Skills

Extend your skills and your knowledge. Learn something new and you will learn do things you cannot do at the moment.

5. Imagination

Use your imagination. This will enable you to see opportunities, other people miss.

6. Organised Planning

Get to know yourself: What’s your current state? Where do you start? Which obstacles will probably occur? How can they be avoided?

7. Decision

Make your decision. And stick to it.

8. Stamina

Tiny steps will add up over time. Rome wasn’t build in one day, either.

9. Find Experts

Cooperate with other people: Help them with their weaknesses. Then you can learn from them and maybe they help you with your weaknesses.

10. Transformation of Sexual Drive

This chapter mainly states, that it’s useful to transform your sexual drive and make it productive. Unfortunately, it does not explain how to do this. It’s also mentioned that even successful people start mastering this in their forties. Maybe I’m still to young to get it 😛

11. Subconsciousness

When your using your subconsciousness, it will not only work on unsolved problem even when do not intend to. It will also help you getting back on track.

12. Mind

This short chapter starts out with a weird description of telepathy. My personal interpretation is that it describes effects of tuning your nonverbal communication.

13. Sixth Sense

Imagine how other successful people would have solved the challenges you’re facing at the moment.

Why is the book worth reading?

It’s worth reading, because it’s a classic when in comes to financial self-determination. While the title suggests, that the book is about getting rich, its principles describe how to succeed with your goals in general. It’s well written and easy to read.

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